Erase the Shame and We Won’t Wait

These images and videos were commissioned by Amnesty International India for their Erase the Shame and We Won’t Wait campaigns to break the silence around sexual violence. Also did an instagram take over the the Amnesty International India account for day documenting stories of triumph and struggle against sexual violence all over Bengaluru. This was part of their larger engagement called Ready to Report.

Wrongful Imprisonment
This series of photographs were made near Mysore. Prajwal (24, name changed) was acquitted in 2014 after 5 yrs with no access to his family. The system had made him invisible and as an undertrial he barely had any rights. Wrongfully imprisoned and robbed of his formative years, he now settles back into a normal life with his beloved family. Shot on assignment for Amnesty India. In order to protect his identity none of the photographs show any facial features.

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